2in1 Shampoo


Longrich Cleansing & Treatment 2 IN 1 Shampoo


  • For all hair types.
  • Cleansing and treatment of hair.
  • 2in1 shampoo.
  • Contains EMP protein.
  • Natural mint extract.
  • Specialized for the damaged hair and anti-dandruff.
  • silky smooth with softness and shine
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Product details

Longrich Cleansing &Treatment 2In1 Shampoo,Contains EMP Protein & Natural Mint Extract,300ml Specialized For The Damaged Hair And AntiDandruff,Silky Smooth With Softness And Shine,Contains EMP That Is Similar To Hair Protein Composition,Innovative Platelet ZPT AntiDandruff factor and natural mint extract.Remove dirt and excess sebum effectively to soothe scalp and eliminate dandruff. No more dandruff and leaving hair smooth,easy to manage. Shampooing and conditioning your hair in just one step,quick and convenient. Suitable for all hair types. Direction: Place appropriate amount on Palm,lather with small amount of water,massage gently onto wet hair and scalp for 3 to 5 minutes.rinse clean with water.


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