Mouth Freshener




Longrich Mouth Freshener

  • ✔Portable and Handy Mouth Freshener Spray
  • ✔Instantly eliminates bad breath and gives clean fresh breath!
  • ✔Filled with natural goodness from white tea extract and peppermint oil
  • ✔Provides relief for sore throat, nasal congestion and relieves asthmatic symptoms


Product details

The Longrich Mouth Freshener contains a mix of white tea, mint essencepeppermint oil and moisturizing components which refresh your mind, give you fresh breath and protect your oral health. It instantly eliminates bad breath and gives clean fresh breath. A mixture of white tea mint essence components that refresh you mind, gives you a fresh breath, protect oral health. Fresh breath to refresh your spirit. Functional features: With white tea, mint essence, refreshing, fresh breath, protecting oral health. Main Ingredients: white tea extract, peppermint oil, moisturizers.


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