Terms and Cancellation Policy

Terms and Cancellation Policy

Cancellation and Date Change penalty applicable. Penalty amount will depend on the Date and Time of Cancellation or Date Change.

{AgentName} merely acts as a travel agent of third party operating Airlines and SHALL have NO responsibility, whatsoever, for any additional cost (directly or indirectly) incurred by any passenger due to any delay, loss, cancellation, change, inaccurate/insufficient information arising whether during booking reservation or after ticket issuance

All the Arik Air flight bookings/reservations are subject to airline availability and are valid for 1 (one) hour from time of booking to payment confirmation and ticket issuance.

All flight fare quoted by {AgentName} are subject to availability, and to change at any time by the third party Airline operators

Passengers are liable for; all card transactions (whether successful or not) travel details, compliance and adequacy of visa requirements, travel itinerary and names (as appear on passport) provided for bookings

Ticket issuance SHALL BE subject to payment confirmation by {AgentName}.

Please ensure that your International passport has at least 6 (six) months validity prior to its expiration date as {AgentName} shall not be liable for any default.

For all non-card transactions, please contact us at {AgentPhone} to confirm booking details, travel dates and travel requirements before proceeding to payment.

Refund, cancellation and change requests, where applicable, are subject to third party operating airline’s policy, plus a service charge of $50

Refund settlement in 9 above, shall be pursuant to fund remittance by the operating airline

Passengers are advised to arrive at the airport at least 3-5 hours prior to flight departure.

First time travelers are advised to have a return flight ticket, confirmed hotel/accommodation and a minimum of $1000 for Personal Travel Allowance (PTA) or Business Travel Allowance (BTA).

An original child’s Birth Certificate and Consent letter from parent(s) must be presented before the check-in counter at the Airport.

All tickets are non-transferable at any time. Some tickets may be non-refundable or non-changeable.

Some Airlines may require additional Medical Report/Documents in the case of pregnant passenger(s).

The Passenger hereby confirms to have read and understood this booking information notice and has agreed to waive all rights, by law and to hold harmless and absolve {AgentName} of all liabilities that may arise thereof.