Sanitary Napkin


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Sanitary Napkin with ion strips that removes odour and relieves discomfort during your menstrual period With a cotton surface, the napkin is soft, comfortable and close fitting. It absorbs fluid quickly and prevents reverse seepage. The bottom layer, made of breathable materials, prevents leakage and it’s highly breathable. The pad has 8 layers of protection Combo box- 19 packs Night flow box- 18 packs Panty Liners box- 16 packs

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Longrich Pads Superbklean Magnetic Sanitary Napkin & Panty Liners,

Anion, Far Infrared (Sanitary Napkin Combo, 1 Box)

Brand Longrich Bioscience
Style Sanitary Napkin Combo
Size 1 ctn x 19 boxes
Material Cotton
Material Feature Organic

About this item

  • Combo specifications:
  • Day use: 7pk (70 pcs)
  • Night use:4pk ( 32 pcs)
  • Mini size: 2pk (36 pcs)
  • Pantyliner: 6pk ( 180 pcs)

Additional information

Dimensions 16.89 × 11.54 × 4.53 cm



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