Snake Oil


Snake Oil

Snake oil is derived from the fat of Chinese water snake. The fat is processed and refined into a concentrated oil that possesses high levels of omega 3 fatty acid.

Benefits of Snake oil

In traditional Chinese medicine, snake oil was used to relieve pain and inflammation and treat arthritis and bursitis.

This is due to the high Omega 3fatty acid content of Chinese water snakes, which, when used appropriately, can work as an anti-inflammatory.

It Relieves pain

Snake oil possesses analgesic properties. It helps take care of injuries or persistent pain. It can help to speed up the healing process of wounds and surgeries.

Treats arthritis

Snake oil is good for the treatment of arthritis. It can help relieve pain and reduce inflammation.

Stretch marks

Snake oil can help with the elasticity of the skin. It erases stretch marks with time and give a glow to your skin. It also gets rid of dead skin.

It is good for skincare

Snake oil is moisturizing. It hydrates the skin and shields it from cracking.
It helps to treat cracks, peels, dry or inflamed skin due to infection or lack of moisture. You can mix it with a carrier oil if you have sensitive skin. This will reduce irritation. Snake oil can soothe inflammation and can give you glowing skin.

Immune system

Snake oil has antibacterial and antiviral properties. It contains antioxidants and anti – inflammatory properties. It can help with overall health by boosting your immune system.


Massaging your hair with snake oil can prevent hair loss and split ends. Snake oil is rich in Omega 3 fatty acids and other active compounds. This can bring moisture to the scalp and help with the follicles.

Improves mood

Snake oil has anti- inflammatory and soothing compounds, which can help lift your mood. Stress can cause imbalanced hormones which can upset your mood. Anxiety can keep you worried and stressed out all day, which can disturb your daily routine. You should apply some snake oil on your temple or chest to improve your mood.

Reduce inflammation

Snake oil contains anti – inflammatory properties and can help reduce inflammation caused by joint and muscle pain, bites, allergies and other chronic conditions

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